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WP site update

ok…so the CSS is becoming more manageable and i have had more success manipulating the look of the blog such as making the footer larger, black, and pushing other text elements around the page. I also was able to get my image replacement working by using the technique in class and pushing the text off the screen, but after speaking with Mushon he mentioned that it may be better to place the logo in php in order to have it tagged and used by other people for reference purposes. This can be done by breaking out of php and inserting the html code for my img, and adding any adjoining text.

I plan on having a dynamic animated cache of images similar to hulu.com. This will be my teaser to entice the viewer to see the ‘gallery’. Mushon said it may take Java script which is daunting considering just getting into php has been wearisome. The light at the end of the tunnel is that i can probably use a plug in called smooth slider.

I will have categories in my folio page, ie if a work is about a certain company than it will have several images about the art or maybe categories surrounding illustration only, or painting etc. Because wordpress 3.0 is coming out and will have better features for creating categories i will be checking out and installing WP 3.0 beta tester.

here is a screen shot of what i have so far–so far to go!

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