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  1. miriam 22:51, May 10th, 10

    I found your tutorial to be very informative and helpful. Unlike many tutorials that I have come across, this one is careful to set up the situation and ensure that the viewer is up to speed with what they need to know to execute the task. One thing i found specifically helpful and nice was that the tutorial would appeal to those looking specifically with help in installing custom fields (those who are searching for help in this specific task) and also those that might be casually exploring the opportunities of wordpress. You achieve this by explaining completely what the feature is, why one might use it, and an example of how you use it in your site (both the posts with the implemented information and the fields created in the “create post” section of the dashboard).
    Another thing I found helpful was the structure of your code. I like how you provide the whole enchilada and then break it down so that each part can be understood and later so that all the parts come together to make a point. I really felt as though I was learning not just what kind of code to use, but why. This way, someone who is viewing the tutorial would be able to, with further experience perhaps, get creative and really utilize the custom field function.
    The one bone that I had to pick with the coding section and the implementation section was a lack of code examples. What I mean by this is that I wish you somehow made reference within the code or beneath specific snippits to your screenshot example. You do begin to explain this in your explanations of the code (I As would be expected, the code language is very vague and sometimes I was not even certain where my own information should be put or where the information should be left as is. In your tutorial, it might be helpful just to make reference to the pickle example you use earlier (both the metadata in the post and the custom fields). For example, you write : “This is the title in the top left corner of the custom write panel on your dashboard.” when you could refer the reader to your helpful screenshot and be more clear. When you are describing arrays, the code makes reference to names and titles. If you refer to the screenshot of your custom fields earlier in the tutorial and say that “in the code, ‘title’ corresponds with the field ‘pickle name’ in my previous example.” This would allow for someone using the tutorial to more quickly and thoroughly absorb the structure of the custom field code.
    This relates also to the ever complicated “Implementation” section. I struggled with this section (mostly because I am slow with these kinds of things). What I think might make this more absorb-able to the layman (dummy) is to provide more examples. The information you give in this section (the dynamic id, the global variable) are very important but I was very confused as to where the code would work for me. If you briefly and simply use your own implementation as an example this could clear up a lot of confusion very quickly.

  2. Jyri 23:19, Feb 23rd, 11

    Thank you,very useful tutorial,
    any way to add costum fields to costum posttype?

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