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WP Update

So I’ll update you on my progress. I found the Git tutorial very helpful but I first need to find a download that will work on my computer. Currently the versions they have for Mac’s are for Leopard and the only one that isn’t doesn’t work on my computer. I spent some good time today fixing the CSS on my current homepage and actually reviewing the Fall class’s website to see if they have any tutorials on multiple loops.

So during class, Mei and I discovered that my html is in the wrong div. I want to put it in Main but I can’t seem to find the right tag for that. Although Mushon tried putting it in one big greybox div, it’s not really helping. For now I’ll leave it though and try to get my gallery up using multiple loops. I know that Angel and Mariam have something similar so hopefully us three can plow through it together soon!

I am a little bit lost with the loops and have no idea where to start but I’ll see how it goes this weekend. Check out what I have so far.


  1. mushon 13:36, Apr 10th, 10

    Jillian, what version of OS X do you use? There are some more instructions for installing GIT on a mac here: http://help.github.com/mac-git-installation/

    Let me know if it did the trick.

  2. mushon 19:59, Apr 10th, 10

    how about the second package here: http://metastatic.org/source/git-osx.html

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