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Grrr for Git

Is anybody else having problems even just downloading git? They only have it available for Leopard and the one that allows you to download for older versions isn’t working!

More changes to the wordpress

So from last class here were the suggestions given:

  • Change the Twitter Logo
  • Add a timestamp to twitter
  • Add my username to the twitter widget
  • Make type bigger
  • Take out the hour in the blog
  • Increase leading in text
  • Change the pink on the black to make more readable
  • Add a footer

So I’ve made those changes and here it is with and without the grid.

And I’ve changed the css in my wordpress. Here is a link to my updated site.

Btw I’m having a hard time having the menu stay in place if I change browser size. I tried making it position:absolute but it doesn’t seem to help.

SQL Server Problems With Mamp

Is anyone else having troubles connecting to the My SQL when you start MAMP?

Updated Wordpress Design

Hi guys thanks for all the comments. I took into consideration everything that everyone said. I’ve just quickly updated my design to add some more personality into it.

Also, the link to my wordpress site is here. The wordpress is finally alive and kicking!

Instructables How-To

This week I am reviewing the site instructables.com

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is an all-encompassing tutorial site that teaches you how to do everything from building cameras, make bracelets, designing baby clothes and anything else you can think of. One of the best features about this site is its variety of tutorials and its navigation at the top. The tutorials themselves aren’t as well-designed as they could be. To view full-sized pictures of the tutorials you have to sign up to be a member.

Unlike wikihow or other how-to sites, the hierarchy within the tutorial isn’t as clear. There are no steps 1, 2, 3 labeled and it depends on the author whether they want to add videos or pictures. Each step is on a different page that makes it a bit cumbersome. Basically, the tutorials themselves are made by users so they aren’t standardized and seem almost homemade.But, the nice thing is you can download the pdf of the tutorial once you are a member so you don’t have to keep returning to the website.

Ball Bearing RollerCoaster

The better tutorials are labeled with “PRO” on it. They are better organized and the pictures are more professional. Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe

The nice thing about the tutorials are the way the social networking icons have been laid out on the side. You can easily twitter or facebook any of these tutorials. Also, it’s nice how related tutorials are featured and there are contents users can join as well. There is definitely room for improvements in terms of the tutorial layout but other than that, its overall an entertaining site that touches on a broad variety of subjects.

Wordpress Portfolio Site

Here is the mockup of my wordpress portfolio site with or without the grid. It’s very clean and simple right now. Give me some tips on how I could spice it up please! Let me know what you think (Angel and I will be away Sunday-Saturday so we probably won’t have access to a computer during that time)

Final change to polishing silver

So I changed the alignment of the logo to fit according to the grid as Mushon suggested. The only problem is that the silver image lines up on my computer and in Safari and Firefox here at home so I don’t see a problem with the alignment. Check out my screenshot to see what I see. Apparently the alignment changes on Scott’s computer and some browser’s at school. So I’m not sure whats the problem.

Wireframes for Wordpress Project

WP Project Reference Post

I was thinking of having a portfolio site on my WP but not any boring old one.

Content – My portfolio pieces, extra hobbies and interesting tidbits about myself that I can sell to prospective clients. Check out http://www.robbiemanson.com/. He simply has his latest works and contact information and some highlighted projects he talks about on the side. As a primary version of my site, I’d like to keep the content as simple as his.

Structure Design – I’d like my work to be laid out in thumbnails so users can get a general feel of my portfolio. I would also like the portfolio images to be in a sliding viewer so users can see several different photos for one piece. Also, I don’t want a full on blog, but I’d like to have postings about my work or just things I found cool featured on part of my site. I actually do like the RSS Feed on our class blog and wouldn’t mind having something like that as well. Check out http://www.piraja.no/. His gallery is straightforward and not too overwhelming. Also, his landing page is clear and introduces us to his thoughts.

Presentation Reference – Mostly large type for my name and simple almost Swiss typography throughout the website. Nothing too over-the-top. http://www.bigspaceship.com/ uses giant type to set out its name and posting titles apart from the rest of the content. Also, it only uses three colors, red, white and gray throughout its entire site. On the work detail pages, I like how they have the client and date of the work set in huge text next to the photos.

Upgraded CSS: Polishing Silver

Hi All.

I’ve made some final changes to my tutorial. I tried to make a more obvious navigation and I added a logo. Let me know what you think!

Jillian’s Tutorial