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interesting open source project

this video installation is currently up at 2 west 13th street– thought it was a really interesting open source project:


As the website states, Eyewriter is an open source initiative to empower people who are suffering from ALS, with creative technologies.

great wide open

This is my great wide open presentation on Open source and Copyright.
Video (play from 1:50 – 3:18)

Theme adjusments and apology

Hi guys. Here is my theme adjustments. I turned off many things and changed fonts and colors. I also have to apologize to you all, because I didn’t finish my great wide open presentation for today. I picked such a broad topic that in the end I wasn’t able to organize all the data I found. So sorry, I will make it up to you.


This weeks Great Wide Open

If you would like to view the slide show for this weeks GWO click here

also check out these link for more info on Indexhibit and Stacey!



Hi guys. Here is one good reference for wordpress. This site redesigns existing themes and they charge it, but I think it is a good place to see what can be done with free themes and knowledge of css. Enjoy!

great wide open


View more presentations from jc1258.
Hi! This is my presentation for tomorrow. If you guys are interested in looking up stuff on Linux before hand, I suggest going to here or here.

PDF: linux

Open Source Presentation

Hi Everyone,
Here’s the link to my presentation slides.

Also, I’m going to talk about two different TED talks, which you should check out just because it’s ridiculously interesting, so here are those links: Charles Leadbeater and Johnny Lee

And lastly, I’m hopefully going to attach the pdf of my presentation here as well… Open Source Presentation

See you all tomorrow!

Great, Wide, Open (brief)

Starting next week we are starting a series of presentations under the title “Great Wide Open” in which you guys will be presenting to the class a specific topic involving open source, it can be an interesting OS project, a discussion around OS issues, a technology you wish were open but isn’t, and why should it be… issues of open culture, copyright laws or how does all this tie back to design? Each such presentation will take 15 mins + 5 mins for Q&A. These presentations will be obviously accompanied by a post on our blog, which will include the key ideas, some links and the opportunity for all of us to continue the discussion after class in the comments column.

If you’re going to use slides, post them on Slideshare.com and embed them on your post. (recommended)

In the coming weeks, please send me the topics for your presentations, so I might help you with your research and give you some tips. The order of presentations is:

  1. Sep 22nd – Amy
  2. Sep 29th – Gwen
  3. Oct 6th – Jeniffer
  4. Oct 13th – Johanna
  5. Oct 20th – Kym
  6. Oct 27th – Mirna
  7. Nov 3rd – Natalie
  8. Nov 10th – Roger
  9. Nov 17th – Spencer
  10. Nov 24th -
  11. Dec 1st -
  12. Dec 8th -