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Changing Focus to OSD

Class notes:

  • Web 2 – Computer as Sketchbook
  • Roundup:
    • Where are you each
    • Problems – hack in class
    • Post a comment to this post with your brief for next week
  • OSD project:
    • What will YOU do? (comment)
    • What do YOU need to learn by next week to get your contribution in (comment)
    • How do we frame this?
  • Cufon
  • More cool plugins to use


  1. Johanna 00:53, Nov 25th, 09

    I would like to make the thematic php code examples a bit more clear and helpful. So i myself would like to try and understand the placement of php a bit more this week and then come up with some code examples that would be useful to others where creating thematic child themes.

  2. mirna 16:02, Nov 25th, 09

    I will try to figure out the thumbnails in wordpress 2.9 and finish my home page (figure out the flow).

  3. gwensung 16:10, Nov 25th, 09

    code is still scary to me.. i think i can contribute by helping in the documenting aspect of the project. I will look into how to make screen casts and video editing :)

    For my own blog, i hope to set up the site structurally so that all the elements are there in the right places. have a great thanksgiving!

  4. jennifer 21:21, Nov 25th, 09

    i’m gonna work on the following:
    - taking what i’ve done with the thematic theme and moving it over to it’s own individual child theme
    - using action hooks to work with manipulating the placement of the login/out aspect of the site
    - add gravatars using the same method as above

    happy t-day everyone!

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