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Smitten design update

So I am still working on the design of the blog but I made some changes to it. Right now I am working on the placement and playing around with colors. I think I like the idea of having the most recent post large and then following posts a bit smaller.



  1. Mushon 19:56, Nov 16th, 09

    Sure, though that would require every post to have an image, is that something you want to commit to?

    I like the new look, though the navigation seems too transparent and the submit button should definitely be more emphasized.

  2. mirna 22:24, Nov 16th, 09

    I like how most of your blog are images and just a bit of text. I agree about the navigation – it is to invisible..also it is bit weird for me that tags are under the first post. Especially because you have allot of free space on the right of your posts. I am also confused about the empty column on the right..is that space prepared for something but you just didn’t get to edit content?

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