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WP structure + further down the theme

Hey guys,

Class notes:

  • Mirna’s GWO
  • Going through the structure of a WP theme:
    • index.php
    • header.php
    • sidebar.php
    • footer.php
    • functions.php
    • style.css
  • Roundup + Fix your Head(er):
    • Filtering into the header:
      function smitten_header(){
      <h1><a href="&lt;?php bloginfo('url'); ?&gt;"></a></h1>
  • My Wordcamp talk
  • Talk about OSD projectPlugins 3

For next week:

  • Continue theming your theme’s main page, try to get everything but the sidebars done by next week.
  • If some parts of it you have yet not managed to figure out how to feed through the Wordpress tag, leave them static and we will attend to them later.
  • Commit your changes to the SVN repository, use the list to get help.
  • Post your ideas for our group OSD project
  • Next week’s Great Wide Open: Natalie
  • Following week’s Great Wide Open: Roger
  • Enjoy!

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