Hi, please

Get Ahead(er)

Hey guys,

for next week:

  • Go step-by-step through the Filters tutorial – use all the examples and copy pastes, this will help you understand the concept of filtering.
  • By next week I want us to figure out each of our site’s Header and while doing that also understand how to modify our theme through the functions.php file
  • As you work on your header commit your changes to the SVN repository, link to your code on Trac to use the list & get help.
  • I posted some resources on the Resources page, so can you so should you – please add to that page with your own resources – by next week we should have at least 8 new resource links there.
  • Next week’s Great Wide Open: Mirna
  • Following: Natalie
  • & then, following: Roger
  • Enjoy!

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