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Now we're real geeks: Wordpress on SVN/Trac

Hi guys,

Class notes:

  • Your grades
  • Mid-term evaluation (evaluate me)
  • Using code versioning: Trac/SVN

we have two tasks for the coming week: Trac/SVN setup & WP themes.


  • Sign up to Assembla (you should’ve gotten email invites)
  • This is our SVN Repo: http://svn6.assembla.com/svn/osd4
  • Setup SVN in Coda to sync with your themes folder
    Use RapidSVN with your code editor – here’s a video
  • Add your theme (theme only, not all of your WP installation) to the Repository and commit it
  • Update your working copy with your fellow student’s themes

Wordpress Themes:

  • CSS change only – how far can you get with only extending your theme’s CSS?
    Use display:none to hide elements and investigate Blueprint’s layout CSS files to understand what they are doing and how can you change it to fit your layout. Next week we’ll start getting into PHP too, but let’s first understand why we need it.
  • Work between your Photoshop mockup, and your style.css file (or whatever you chose to call it) and firebug to achieve the desired look.
  • I would recommend this process:
    1. Display: none all of the major divs
    2. Start from the header and move forward element by element
    3. remove the Display:none when you want to work on something
  • Keep committing your changes as you make them
  • When you run into problems, commit the code, make a ticket and refer us to it through the list and/or blog.

GWO Next week(s):

  • Mirna
  • Natalie (the week after)

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