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  1. Major Studio II: Interactivity
  2. | Collab. Mr. Resistor
  3. | Narrative and Dynamic Systems
  4. | Intro to 3D Modeling/Motion
  5. | Imagined Realms: Game Communities in MMOs

Here we make our own circuit bent instruments and play together in an ensemble

Prof. Ranjit - W 12-1PM

Le-O-tronic Tambourine

Le-O-tronic Tambourine

My first attempt at circuit Bending. Made out of a 99 cent toy by the name of "My Own Band", the le-O-matic tambourine is a little box full of surprises. The red knob controls pitch, while each of the red buttons triggers a sound. Finally, the metal beads are used as body controllers for ultimate pitch control. Originally, the shape of the buttons was supposed to resemble an "L", yet carried away with the drill I made a "J" instead. Ironically enough my roomate Jay loved it so much that I had to give it to him.

  1. Le-O-Matic Tamborine 1 |
  2. Le-O-Matic Tamborine 2 |
  3. Circuit 1 (blurry) |
  4. Circuit 1 (blurry)