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Pipilotti Rist

Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist’s exhibit Heroes of Birth features two video installations as well as a piece that merges video and sculpture. In this exhibit Rist is mainly concerned with creating new visual and sonic environments and experiences in … Continue reading

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I want to combine all of my passions, which are old school 1970s video art, performance, noise, and make a thesis project that I love. I am torn between making something simple or creating something innovative that goes with the … Continue reading

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New Thesis Idea?

After the workshop I did two weekends ago I came up with a new idea for my thesis. I thought of combining dance/performance with sound/noise and video/images. I learned about processing and arduinos and electronics and it really inspired me … Continue reading

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More places to go to!

3rd Ward NYC Resistor Harvest Works Some workshops offered at harvestworks are: Analog electronics DIY Musical Electronics and the Drone Lab and an exhibition: Symbiosis: Between Technology, Humans, and Art

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Interactive Arts Workshop

This weekend I went to a three day free Interactive Arts Workshop (for girls) run by Lesley Flanigan and Stefanie Wuschitz. On day one we learned how to build our own analog amplifier using breadboards, cables, batteries, a microchip, speakers … Continue reading

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Electronic Arts Intermix

I came across a nonprofit arts organization called Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI). The EAI is an international resource for video and media art.The organization is a great resource and advocate for media art and artists. It boasts a collection of … Continue reading

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The Cocolase

I came across a beautiful looking sound device in a music studio once and I instantly fell in love with its look. The machine was wooden, with color knobs and wires. This device is called the Cocolase. The Cocolase is … Continue reading

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Rough Thesis Idea

I don’t want to make just another video, or another sculpture, or installation. I want to make something that I can use to edit my videos, or manipulate the images that I record. I want this machine to allow me … Continue reading

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Freewriting & Mind Mapping

A good technique to come up with an idea or even finesse a rough idea one might have is to free write. This involves writing for a set amount of time without taking a break, and just letting ideas flow … Continue reading

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Artist Statement

There is beauty to be found in everything. Every sound, every object, every image, every situation has some form of underlying beauty rooted in it. I try to express this idea through my artwork. I deal with concepts, which are … Continue reading

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