www.meandollie.com is here.

In his new home Ollie has a blog and tutorial.

Ollie also has an Instructable that is getting a lot of attention! Check it out :)

Aaaannd to top things, there is a new video.


I was finally able to make the electronics light enough to enable flight and achieve the desired behavior. Here is a documentation video of Ollie’s first flight.


PLAYTECH SATURDAY is hosted by Parsons Design and Technology (DT) in collaboration with Parsons Pre-College Academy (Parsons SPACE). Students may bring their games and projects and play test them with high school students for a duration of 2 hours. Ollie happened to participate in the Playtech last weekend, here are some images. It was great to have kids play and respond to Ollie. I was able to get a lot of positive feedback about Ollie’s form and wing movement even though he was not yet flying.



The latest prototype for Ollie with wings finally enables him to fly. Check out the wing-action!



Midterms just got over. This is me at presenting thesis. Thanks for the image, Roxanne :)

……..and this sums what Ollie has been upto.

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The feedback I received from my writing this week indicates that I should do more editing and make my ideas more concise. At the same time, I need to define the project even more clearly and nail down main points of who Ollie is. The way I weaved my thesis concept with the rest of the ideas was very well integrated with the thesis project.


Possible (but expensive) power source option:


Micro Servos

Saucer shape Blimp envelope