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Criminals. One of the things that make the experience of riding the city bus to be very unpleasant indeed. She can change your plan a short trip to the office was a disaster that makes you traumatized for life-long bus ride. Fortunately, criminals and tricks they use it can be identified and thus you can anticipate if there are people who are suspicious around you. Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

Criminals who steal goods
Recognize the Physical:
Even though it sounded so stereotyping, but it never hurts to be careful when you meet people like this throughout the city bus. Somehow, in general they are physically similar.

Usually try to wear clothes that look presentable, but fall somewhat looks shabby. Maybe they are doing this so that you may think they are the office.
Usually carry a backpack placed at the front.
Suspicious face. Well this is rather difficult anyway. As you usually can know who've experienced only a short bus ride wrote.
If this person continues new bus suddenly went down again, chances are he's a villain.

Recognizing physically very difficult. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the next thing.

Through recognizing mode:
Mode criminals on the bus there is a lot, but lately they've been less varied, so that you can anticipate. Coupled with the recognized physical villain, here are the things that should make you suspicious:

Log in clusters, usually consisting of 3 or more.
The person you are tight-tight, but there is more space. If this happens, straight away
He forced sit on the inside seat, but it is very limited. You'd better just stand up straight.
Suddenly there are people giving out flyers alternative massage, hold start-mijet mijet you. If this happens, DIRECT MOVE, if need to be directly descended from the bus. Do not forget to always concentrate on your luggage.
There is a quasi-pretentious people who keep trying Kismet lost coin coins around you. Should not be affected, the concentration into your luggage.
There is a sudden vomiting. It was a distraction. Concentrations continue to your luggage.
Whatever the nature of trying to touch you, avoid. The key is to always concentrate on your luggage.

The most difficult is the villain who stole your bag by tearing. This is usually done without you realizing it. Therefore, police advice you should always embrace your bag in front.Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

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