Internet Applications
Instructor :: David Carroll
Course Description
The next generation of internet experiences is born. The days of tedious HTML form based applications will soon be eclipsed by more user-centric, responsive, real-time implementations of online applications that feel more like software and less like web pages. The course will examine how to design and develop real-time internet functionality with Flash MX incorporating responsive server-side data services such as PHP, ColdFusion, Communication Server, Flash Remoting, etc. Possibilities are endless for students interested in game design, telepresence, data visualization, collaborative environments, experimental net art, commerce, interactive narrative, or those simply interested in integrating user functionality into their major studio or thesis projects. Students must enter course with fundamental skills in basic web design, the Flash application, basic Object-oriented ActionScript and working with a server. This section will focus on client-side Flash user interface development. Students should select the section that best suits their needs and interests.
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Macromedia Flash Developer Center
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Internet Applications
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Internet Applications
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