Be an original motion graphic artist in an instant!

Motionist takes you on a journey through the collaboration of music and motion graphics and so much more. Endless visual possibilities in an app that lets you place, transform and combine shapes and colors with your favorite piece of music, and marvel at fellow artists' works on your smart phone and tablet.


  • Over 30 presets of graphics and color palettes to create endless possibilities.
  • Import from music library or audio record and instant detection of BPM transform still graphics to motion graphics.
  • Get inspired by others from Motionist's news feed.
  • Integration with Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share content with friends.


So how exactly does Motionist work?

It only takes 4 simple steps.

  1. Choose your shapes
  2. Add some lines if you wish
  3. Choose your color from our RGB wheel or from the tasteful palettes we provide. Each palettes also has 3 different styles
  4. Choose your audio source. You can record your own 20 seconds of audio or import your favorite music from your library.

Then we will work out the magic for you!

Once it's done, you can save to come back and edit again, or you can share on social media with your friends!

Screen Shots


Prototype Mock-up