The Japanese Artist Seiko Mikami creates interactive installations that deal with the human senses.

I found this one particularly relevant to my project. gravicells is an interactive installation that allows visitors to “feel gravity that they are seldom aware of”.

This is one point I would like to work on with my project, I want to be able, through technology, to let users feel the different layers and dimensions that surround us. Mikami uses sensors to look at and study the user, and visuals and sound to communicate with the user. I would like to create a similar system where users enter a space and interact with this space, and experience this space through their senses (sight and hearing only?) .

Of all the previous iterations, I believe that the most succesful was the one where I only used sound images and a controller.However, I believe that for the sake of creating a smoother experince the controller should be replaced by sensors, so that users can interact more natuarally and with less limitations.

On the other hand the iteration that I felt to be less succesful was the last one where I tried to introduced the new elemnt of time to the space/sound/visual “trichotomy”. Even though I felt that this was the least succesful of all my iterations i felt that the new element added a new dimension that was somehow necessary.

(talking about time, you all have to go see the work of Christian Marclay at Paula cooper’s gallery link. It closes this Saturday)

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