Mesh Deformer to Bones MEL Script

Made this script for Doom 3 game development, because the engine only supports boned animation. This allows you to convert any mesh deformer (blend shapes, wrap deformers, etc) to an IK rig. If you've already got a skeleton, it'll bind the new bones to the nearest joint.

Much thanks to oDDity of the Dark Mod for the example animation.

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Haiku Writing Tool

Created a tool for writing haikus. It's a little shoddy right now, but it gets the job done. If people really love it and use it, I could be convinced to make it a more, um, less, uh...

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Connect the Dots for really smart kids.

Decided to make a connect the dots drawing/printing tool. It includes bezier handles so you know how to curve the line between points. If you're really dorky.

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Maya to Google Earth Exporter

Helped out on this project, pretty cool city modding tool.