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Hot Abercrombie Chick is a Man! [ Post 3 - comments ]


When a post finally appeared on Amanda Doerty's site, claiming that she was for real, for many people it seemed to be enough. For others, it didn't seem so convincing. I was easily able to see the possibility that the author of the abercrombie blog would drag this out, have some fun, raise their popularity, and finally come forward some time in the future or no.

Yet after she did claim her pspsyudonymity, and confirmed she, the writer, was the philosophy major in the photograph, there were two events that set me off onto my first major investigation.

First, Wizbang posted a response to his blog claiming that Amanda had confrimed her existence by the mere fact that she did in fact respond on her blog. Hmmm. I post therefore I am. I had ever heard of Kevin before all of this, but it seemed odd to me that someone who had invested enough time and effort into her would take this post as a definitive answer. No phone call even?

After taking a closer look into Wizbang, I was immediately embarrassed for my friends and colleagues who may have been following this story as the content of Wizbang's site is basically gross, sexist, chillingly cold-war like, perhaps even racist as well as seemingly full of bashing other cultural traditions and lifestyle choices.

Also, Wizbang's writing style seemed somehow desperate and exhausted.

A second event occurred. Wizbang added a comment to Cameron's blog which was the first true sign of stress for anyone involved in this whole ordeal. I believe everyone involved must have felt some form of excitement and believed this would be a great laugh and an interesting situation no matter what happened - a riddle or a puzzle to be solved - but Wizbang seemed to be aligning against everyone else. He responded to Cameron thusly:


If you're going to complain about my blog ranking at Google you could at least spell it correctly - it's Wizbang.

If you're trying to figure out why I have the top spot, just check Technorati. Comment by Kevin at April 22, 2004 11:39 PM


Why was Kevin "Wizbang" Alyward so upset? Was Kevin Amanda? It would be easy to imagine, based on the content and subject matter of his writings, that his interest in her was no different then that of, say Pee-Wee Herman, though, sometimes, for instance when Wizbang was "on vacation" and Amanda was guest-blogging at his site, her posts seemed to be more like his posts.

Finally there was a link, or at least, a possible explaination for why Wizbang would create Amanda: Personal Advertisements. And there they were. Dozens and dozens of ads are splattered all over Wizbang's site. Goggle Ads, Blog Ads, other ads, tip jars, donations, wish lists, hit counters, track-backs, pay-pal (until canceled for unauthorized use), ping me here, ping me there, ping me, ping me, everywhere.

Next Kevin posted a story full of missing statements that he was going to sell Amanda's picture via to settle the hoax. The highest bidder would become famous, due to Wizbang;s graceful touch, and get lots of hits.

Other examples of the true depth behind Wizbang's interest in blogging were uncovered throughout his archives. Wizbang was quick to notice, a score with an Instalanche, a popular politically charged Republican blogger, can bring in big bucks. Also, since Kevin was fired from his job only three weeks before last Chistmas, he quickly porgessed as a budding young free agent in order to work the system (as evidenced by his $25/month Blogads). Wizbang himself offers a lot of "free" advice on this subject, with posts like "blogs to riches".

I quickly learned that Wizbang was one of the few bloggers sexist enough to put up a copy of the Paris Hilton Sex Scandal Video on his site. He explained that he was doing it for big bucks and big hits (aside: also, note the reference to a woman named Doherty, which he seeminly has a crush on).

Perhpas Wizbang merely enjoyed Amanda as a pontiff or perhaps Wizbang and/or Amanda was an advertising ploy for Abercrombie and Fitch, the miltibillion dolar clothing store, I thought.

For years now Abercrombie & Fitch have been engaging in extremely offensive activity, similar to the kinds of activity of interst to, you guessed it, Wizbang. Child Pornography, sex wear for children, racism, discriminating hireing practices, and incest, to name but a few. A & F is clearly a controversial brand name fueled with extreme political messages. Why is sweet young Amanda so supportive of this disgusting use of product sales? And why is Amanda so supportive of Wizbang maintining his link at the top of her link list, her most precious favor?

Aftre a few more minutes of looking into the connections between Wizbang, Amanda and A&F, the theory that Wizbang was working for A&F was quickly dropped due to the level of complexity that was inconsistent with the rest of Wizbang and Amanda's less complex activity.

Returning to the source of Wizbangs stress, another factor arose which was brought on by Justin's finding that Amanda's new domain name was bought by Rob Porter at Sayanythingblog. This would have seemed "innocent" enough that someone was willing to help Amanda set up her account, but Rob, like Wizbang takes the "I post therefore I am" mantra to be the solidifying truth that she is who she says she is (and also finds her "quite attractive").

This opened up a whole investigation into all of the connections between Wizbang and Sayanything Rob. Intrestingly enough, the content of Rob's site, Sayanythingblog (where the name suggests the reality) was very similar to that of Wizbangs: sex, group-sex, porn, distastefulness, cultural disrespect, and especially this kind of subject matter. It was also full of exactly the same kind of money making tools. "Buy Ads!", "Advertise on Say Anything". "Purchase an Ad", "Brought to you by Google Ads", are all phrases that appear on his home page.

Also, for some reason, instead of the expected behavior from Wizbang, like a post that read "Hey everybody, I will be hosting Amanda's new site name, look at me", Sayanything had never said anything about his involvement with Amanda.

Instead he became quite stressed and upset about the accusation.

Here is Sayanthing's response to the "I post therefore I am" experinece:


So, is Amanda real? I think so. I've been reading her site for a while now and have always enjoyed her posts. Honestly, I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary but perhaps others have.

I do have something of an interest in this thing. Amanda is getting ready to move her site over to my server for hosting. I've emailed back and forth with her a couple times regarding her move and the responses I've gotten have always seemed to be on the straight and narrow.

When I first ran across the Hot Abercrombie Chick website I wondered about the amount of traffic and comments she was getting. I thought about writing a post comparing the amount of traffic Amanda got for her posts compared to the amount a male with a similar blog got. I had the feeling that Amanda's traffic may have been elevated because she's, well, a hot chick to use her terms.

I didn't do this because I didn't want to offend Amanda. I do find her posts insightful and well-written and I didn't want to take anything away from that.

If the Julia Set post turns out to be true (and I'm guessing it won't be) then I'm going to feel kind of dumb. Its not like I'm going to be out anything except a little time, but still...

Who does something like this? You have to be one desperate blogger to resort to something like this just to gain some traffic.


Yet Robbie of Sayanything, is not only a budding webster, he's a private investigator with his brother Rollie Port. Robbie and Rollie. Though he may be quite good at revealing facts about other people's business, apparently he was not very savey when it came to using the Internet to uncover information about his ownself.

Soon after Rob was getting going with his blogging, he bagan running ads and answering the same questions his friend Wizbang was answering: "How do you Make money from Blogs"<-Look closely at this post. Who is this Commissar guy that is commenting on Robs site? Why it looks like Wizbang!

Could Wizbang be Amanda AND Commissar, in cahoots with Sayanything? Perhaps partly, but definitely not wholly. Putting the Gendergenie aside, any one who is paying attention, will notice that Rob does not have the same writing style as Amanda. Only in certain times (such as Wizbang's vacation) did there seem to be a solid match of styles. Otherwise, Rob is probably not a good enough writer to spur on too many comments in the near future.

Since both Wizbang and Sayanything were becoming so savvy with the Internet, in terms of what to do to increase their popularity, in order to sell ads, finally each receiving up to $30 and $20 per month respectively from blogads, and since both of them can't stop getting excited about soft-porn pics, why were Wizbang and Sayanything not the first ones on the Internet to question the use of an underage teen's sexually provocative picture as a means of gaining hits?

They both claim that there is no incentive for her. Yet she did sell ads on her site and rounds up a lot of hits for their sites. Wizbang has been tops on her link list for a long time. She adores Kevin.

Back to Amanda. While it's true that Amanda has been obtaining a lot of ground on her site, evidenced by the high density of comments and her technorati profile, a further look into those comments reveals that she is appealing mostly to young, opinionated yet uneducated people who are also full of foul language and also older, conservative male bloggers who think she is attractive looking. In the last year, through the entire Presidential elections, the word 'troll' has really come into a new definition. Presidential sites like John Kerry's are hit daily by people who bash away at the conversation, much like Wizbang and Sayanything do, usually opponants trying to rain on the parade without offering any solutions or real argumentative substance. A closer look at Amanda Doerty's comments reveal that many people were sincere though most were foul mouthed, sexist, racist and again, full of all of the same kinds of readers that Wizbang and Sayanything gets, typical traits of all of their extreme political persuasions.

She claimed herself as being categorized by religion and philosophy. She was also somehow very well informed about other issues too: Child Pornography, Music sales, product branding, blogging tricks, to name just a few - in each case claiming she knew the matters in-depth. For a 17 year old who is just entering into college, looking for a hot-or-not party lifestyle, posting with long-winded discussions on her computer through the wee hours of friday and saturday nights, pasting her picture all over the Internet while also maintaining two other sites, including a 'for president site', a new workload at a relatively elite college that mostly frowns upon sexual exploitation, while she is also now in business with "HACDesign", quickly learning how to use tools such as secret IPs, opinion polls and Blogdex in her favor while surfing all over the Internet, trolling for recognition with no sign of friends anywhere, beyond Wizbang, Amanda's identity became more absurd then any existential reasoning I have ever heard.

Beyond Amanda, Wizbang, or Sayanything coming out and admitting that they were the true epicenter of this hoax, and without anything more than a subjective claim to existence on Amanda's part, there was one more line of evidence that is out there on the Internet that, as a matter of fact, determines the case, as we have already heard: Internet Protocol, or, IP.

There is an easy way to find out if the unique computers that belong to Sayanything and Wizbang are the same computers that Amanda uses. Most bloggers who have big sites, keep logs with ips and time stamps. The time of a comment that was made by Amanda can be matched with the IP. Assuming Amanda is at a college, and not worried about any malicious activity on her part, just like the rest of us, her IP's would probably reveal her location and is certainly indexable by her service provider. Even if she uses a proxy IP, which is unlikely, the proxy IP can also be filtered through her service provide with no less effort. Even the most intelligent and prolific hackers are vulnerable to IP tracing. Hac it turns out though, is also quite the hacker.

Finally, I received my first message regarding the matter from a stressed individual marked with a traceable IP. The bashing message which was shown to myself and Josh was from one "Joe Grouchy" and had an ip address of Naperville, Illinois, is not usually much help for a proxy, so it may very well indicate, in this case, a true location for someone's IP hosting service. Yet what good is this random location in Illinois without an FBI Warrant?

Well, you can never be too sure, but I didnt have to look far for a rather compelling connection: The Spoons Experience. On April 19th, after the Amanda Doerty Hoax post broke, Chris "the spoons" Kanis, a self-professed "cranky" male lawyer from central Illinois, who can often be found working the Daily Pundit like an Instalasche, who also lists Wizbang as the top link on his site, had something to say about Amanda. He titled his post "Confession".


April 19, 2004 CONFESSION

For some reason which is quite unfathomable to me, certain sections of the blogosphere are all abuzz over the question of whether coed blogger, "Hot Abercrombie Chick," might really be a dude.

I'm not sure why this really matters, but since it apparently does to some people, I feel I owe my readers a confession. I'm not actually a 32-year-old cranky male lawyer in central Illinois. I'm actually a 65-year-old widow and retired plus-size lingerie model from Butte, Montana.

And my supposed wife "Laura" is actually just a raccoon that I sometimes see in my backyard. I think she's trying to steal the birdseed I put out.

I don't think these revelations should really impact anything I've said around here, but I thought you all should know.

After today, I'll continue to pretend that none of this is true.

Add The Spoons Experience to your blogroll by clicking here.


Could Spoons be Amanda? Was Spoons nervous from the possible legal implications brought on to a lawyer who hides his identity? For a lawyer's retoric, we would have to correly infer that Chris is stating, as a matter of fact, that Amanda is coed. Spoons even has a Spoonsmart.

Amanda, Kevin, Rob and Chris ALL link to eath other and share the same kinds of ad space and banners. Somewhat of a webring for home run click and hit business? Could they all be feeding each other at the expense of their advertisers? Especially with untraceable, dynamic IPs, how would the advertiser know if they werent generating all the hits themselves?

Who is Amish Tech Support? Who is I'm Just a Girl? Who are all of these never before seen identities that ALL tie in and what are they doing besides writing uniteresting, unorriginal, stories of the day which appeal to extremist conservative viewpoints while using sex as their main selling point?

Here we have several men that are using blogging as a medium to make money. Nothing wrong with that. They are all becoming more and more skilled at using the tools of the trade and perhaps even developing their own new tools. Good for them. They are thinking a lot about how to make it work. It requires thinking.

Yet none of them are willing to believe for an instant that Hot Abercrombie Chick could simply be another slimey man's escapade into making money on the net. They are all seemingly extreme in their cultural influences as they try to push their opinions onto others. Wizbang is offering proof that she exists by auctioning off a picture (even though its usually illegal to offer products as incentives for donations). Amanda suppodely supports this by handing over the pics which have never surfaced and since been ignored.

They have left comments all over the Internet marked with their IP address for anyone to gather. If someone doesn't come clean soon, either Hot Abercrombie will loose all of it's business, because nobody wants dirty business that poses as warm human compassion, some of these guys will get busted because Amanda's blog will be opened up by the FBI as a child porn site, Advertiserers will catch on, subscriptions will be cancelled, or she will no longer be a mystery for being what she says she is.

Hot Abercrombie Chick, a.k.a. Amanda Doerty via some other name, is asking us to trust in Wizbang and Sayanything to indirectly then trust her. Ya, right. Need more be said? Yes.

It turns out I was wrong. The Hot Abercrombie Chick is in fact a man, but he's not Wizbang. Rob is also not Amanda. Chris is not Amanda either. It turns out that these guys really were clueless or had some invested interest in believeing that she was real.

Who is Amanda?

Dan "the man" Zeigenbein, the musician that Amanda claimed she knew.

See Overstated and My First Mine for the facts behind the tie.

This started out as a fun investigation into the true natue of the Hot Abercrombie Chick blog but quickly took a turn for the worst; a political nightmare with the kinds of Americans that are failing our country, and thus the world, keeping in the company of Bush.