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Ashley Abess
Project Manager
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BFA Candidate
Design Management,
Parsons School of Design

As a junior in the Department of Design & Management at Parsons School of Design, most of my efforts are currently directed towards my studies and other school-related endeavors. At present I serve as Co-Chair of the Design & Management Student Council, a group that is committed to fostering a sense of community among the Design & Management student body, and also aims to cultivate leadership and professional qualities in students by providing them with a forum for communication and education. In addition to my work with student council I have acted as a representative for both my department and Parsons by serving as a Design and Management delegate on the Parsons Student Council, and as student representative for New School University’s 2003 Provost Search Committee, as well as by sitting on several other committees dedicated to the evaluation and improvement of the school’s resources and marketing efforts. I expect to graduate with Honors and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Design & Management in May of 2005.

My professional interests lie in the field of product development and environmental design, particularly in the areas of design research and analysis. Within this area I am most concerned with human factors, and specifically issues of usability.

Thus far I have completed two internships in the fashion industry, the first with the Italian fashion conglomerate Ittierre, and the second at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I am currently researching New York-based companies with which I could pursue a summer internship that would be more directly related to my chosen field.